Trunk Shows

I have a collection of 230 antique and vintage quilts.  I  have done trunk shows for guilds and enjoy sharing the quilts. It’s generally a fun evening with some laughs. It is helpful to have 2 volunteers to help with holding and folding.  As an appraiser, I seek to teach audiences about the values of quilts as well so I will including some discussion about the quilt market and types of values that occur for antique and vintage quilts.

Some trunk shows that I can offer are:

Red and Green Quilts and their stories (including large bed quilts, crib quilts and doll quilts from the 19th century. Fabrics, dyes, patterns and evolution, and more.

Little Dear Things: Doll quilts, ranging in age from 1860 to present.

Half the Story: Appreciating Quilt Tops, I will show mostly pieced 19th century quilt tops and some 20th century vintage tops.

20th century quilts from 1900 to 1970. Fabrics, color themes, patterns,

19th century quilts, from 1820 to 1890

Pink in Quilts: selected quilts from both 19th and 20th centuries that showcase the color pink.

My fee for a trunk show is $200 plus travel costs.


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