Maureen Gavaghan Craig    

AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser

Silver City, NM

Statement of Qualifications

Maureen Craig is a quilt appraiser, collector of antique and vintage quilts, quiltmaker and quilt teacher.  She has been appraising quilts for individual clients and at quilt shows in southwest New Mexico since 2008. She is available to conduct appraisals by appointment.

Maureen took the American Quilter’s Society appraisal training courses in 2013, 2012 and 2007. The courses included appraisal standards, principles, procedures and ethics. Her training included the study of a wide variety of antique, vintage, and contemporary quilts under the guidance of AQS certified appraisers.  Maureen was awarded certification by the American Quilter’s Society as an appraiser of quilted textiles in 2013.

Maureen’s antique quilt collection includes more than 200 19th and 20th century quilts and tops, including crib and doll quilts. She understands the quilt marketplace and is able to establish value on antique, vintage and contemporary quilts. Maureen studies quilts and their history through state documentation, fabric dating, and various pattern identification books, quilting magazines, and memberships in professional organizations.

In 2011, Maureen conducted a program for the New Mexico Quilters Association at which she offered a trunk show to the guild, conducted a half day quilt study program, and did quilt appraisals. For several years, she has done appraisals at the Hidalgo Heritage Quilt Show in Lordsburg, NM and for clients from southwest New Mexico.

She taught a five part course on the history of American quilts for the Western Institute for Lifelong Learning, a nonprofit linked with Western New Mexico University, for three years. She brought quilts from her collection to illustrate trends in fabrics, colors, and patterns.

Maureen teaches hand applique and hand quilting. She took Mimi Dietrich’s year-long course on Baltimore Album quilts, and is hand quilting her album quilt. She has taken classes in applique, piecing, hand and machine quilting, and paper piecing.

Memberships include the American Quilters Society, American Quilt Study Group, Baltimore Applique Society, Arizona Quilt Study Group, Southwest Fiber Arts Guild, and Southwest New Mexico Quilt Guild, and Uncommon Threads. Maureen is the area representative for the American Quilt Study Group in New Mexico. She served as a board member and librarian of the Baltimore Applique Society.  She has been quilting since 1995.

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