Quilty thoughts

Some people go to Vegas. I get my excitement from quilts.  In 2000, I attended my first quilt show.  I was stunned when I first entered the show building.  I had NO idea at all that there was a quilt “thing”.  I looked out into the sea of people and I saw myself repeated about 3,000 times.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and got my bearings, I went into an exhibit area and saw my first antique quilts hanging in a display. I fell in love.  I loved the designs and colors.  I wanted to make quilts like those.  I wanted to have quilts like those. They spoke to me. They connected with me.l

I have pursued this sudden passion for quilts ever since then.  When people ask, “Oh are you interested in quilts?” I say, “Oh yes, I’m in deep.”  By that I mean that I collect quilts, I make them, I read about them, I go to museums and shows to see them, I study quilt history, I teach quilting and quilt history, and now I have been certified by the American Quilters Society as an appraiser of quilts and quilted textiles.

My other passion is music and I am now reunited with the baby grand piano that I grew up with. Music provides infinite challenges to study, exploration and improvement. And so do quilts.

I marvel at my continued intense interest in quilts.  I love the process of putting a quilt together and I appreciate the work of others, past and present.

Piano sm