About Maureen

I am a quilt maker, antique quilt collector and professional quilt appraiser living in southwest New Mexico. I am constantly inspired by the incredible talent of the quilting community and the beauty and detail of the old quilts. Now, I'm fascinated with quilt history and how textiles weave in with American history, in particular. I'm an area rep for AQSG. I love to share my quilts and provide trunk shows and quilt study sessions for groups in New Mexico.

Half Square Triangles

The half square triangle is a simple enough looking quilt block. For the non-quilter, it is a square with a two fabrics in it, the line between them runs diagonally across the square.

It is a beautiful design element for quilts and it is frequently used in making more complicated blocks.  Once you know how to make a good Half Square Triangle, you are on your way to many choices in quilt making.  My first teacher was Eleanor Fabiscak who also introduced me to the quilting community nearby. I had just moved to Columbia, Maryland and near two wonderful guilds.  But more of that in another post.

Back to HST.  I first played with HST in a black and white quilt that I made for a friend.  In this case, I had a variety of black and white fabrics, including many with musical motifs.  I made up about 80 or more 12-1/2 inch square HSTs.  Then I auditioned the placement of the blocks in many different configurations before deciding on this one.

I called it "The Road Less Traveled".

I called it “The Road Less Traveled”.

I recently finished a quilt for our newest great niece.  The use of HSTs around each larger square makes up the block which is called “Lady of the Lake.”  Our delightful new family member (now one year old!) resides in Chicago, near Lake Michigan, hence the choice for her quilt’s design.

Lady of the Lake